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Future Reservations not honored Marriott local owner

Question asked by rx4949 on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2018 by allleisure

I have fully refundable reservations at a Marriott property located in Palm Desert and the reservations were made May 2018 for a stay in April 2019.  Last week I got an email from the hotel Sales Coordinator stating that all the existing refundable reservations at the hotel and at a sister hotel must be prepaid by January 30 or they will be cancelled.  I find it hard to believe that this hotel is following the Marriott reservation requirements and I want to escalate the issue to the Marriott Customer Service VP.  I sent an email to Shannon Patterson but I am not sure if she got it or it might of went to spam.  I Plan to call her office on monday to confirm she got my message but would appreciate any advice.#