I got hacked into my account- Dec 2018

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I am currently in KL, Malaysia and remain in SE Asia until March of 2019.  Someone booked two night in Courtyard KeyWest waterfront hotel for two night in late January 2019, under my account name and CC.  Please change your PW and delete your CC#.  This person rebooked it again even after I cancelled the first reservation.  I have called and received an email respond from fraud investigator, this is what they suggest:


"This email is in response to a message we received regarding a hotel booking that was done twice under your name, account, and credit card information that you did not book yourself. We here at Kroll are providing assistance due to the data breach with Marriott, and we would like to try to connect with you or provide a direct line for you to be able to connect with Marriott about this issue. In your email you mentioned that you are currently in Southeast Asia, but if there is any way we can have you call us at 833-964-0194 we can go over the information regarding the data breach that Marriott had experienced.

For the issue that you are experiencing where a booking has been made for a hotel in Key West that you did not make I would need to connect you with the Marriott customer service line of 800-450-4442. There are representatives available at this line all hours of the day and it is a toll free number. These representatives would be able to assist further with stopping any bookings that you have not made yourself. I also would suggest having you update your Marriott account password through https://www.marriott.com/forgotPassword.mi as well to insure that no one is gaining access to your Marriott online account fraudulently."


If you have any other questions feel free to respond to this email directly as well.


Fraud Investigator, Identity Theft & Breach Notification

Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps

PO Box 292327

Nashville, TN 37229-2327

T: 1-833-964-0194

F: 1-866-791-4350