Points redemption increase

Discussion created by gameofthronesfan on Dec 15, 2018
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I don't know how many out there have looked into this but the new redemption rates kick in for the higher level hotels in 2019 but we could still redeem for rooms on this year's rates for next year as long as it is done before the new rates change in January 22, 2019?  I don't know where I got that date but heard somewhere that was the date the new redemption rates were in effect but wouldn't you technically be paying for the redemption under the current rate if you booked it before January 22?  I think the website lets you book 11 months out and I was thinking of maximizing the value of my points for next Thanksgiving for a family trip. 

I had a points redemption before the transition in August and Marriott just could not seem to get it right so I ended up canceling the old redemption which was 3 times as much as it currently is and rebooking the redemption rate but that makes me think that the rate booked would be honored for the point values.