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SPG Stays are not being Posting

Question asked by monisame on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by monisame

My stays are not being posting  immediately  as usually  !  I am needing to fill the missing stay form and even a call.  My accounts are combined and customer support is telling me that there is no way to add my stays because they are SPG ones.?..   In one case I was told that they did not know the property while I was providing the confirmation number .  

After ten days I reached SPG  customer services. They helped by adding my stays manually. As a result of this no mega bonus was not being added. I still waiting the add of my last stay. Five days have gone and nothing . Anyone is having this’s sort of problems. Of course I am not receiving the receipts by e mail either. rewardspoints bill mega-bonus many missing stays

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks