One time transfers for specific redemption - GONE

Discussion created by chang on Dec 13, 2018
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Hey guys, 


Not sure if this has been covered by insiders but it appears the previous policy of being able to make one time transfers (unlimited points) to another member for an immediate redemption is now NOT allowed. The policy has changed to a hard cap of 100,000 points transfers per year. (previously 50,000/year)


This seems to have 2 impacts (from my perspective), generally impacting those wanting to take advantage of the 5th night free:


1) For a couple that has requires more than 100,000 points from one person, will now not be able to make the redemption. This would imply bookings that are looking to take advantage of the 5th night free at high category hotels are impacted. This may affect more and more in 2019 as the 60k cap disappears. 


2) When the person with the higher status (plat) has less points and needs to transfer to the lower status (gold/silver) for the redemption - they will not be able to get the benefits of the higher status. Representative confirm this point. (Hoping there is a work around!)


If anyone has thoughts on

1) How to make redemptions where the transfer points required is greater than 100k

2) How to still get the benefits of the higher tier status