Review: Newly Renovated Rooms at Sheraton, Madison WI

Discussion created by wiscfriend on Dec 12, 2018
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In spring of 2018, the Sheraton Madison, WI began a total renovation of the 8-story hotel. Some of the renovated floors are now open for guests, although the total renovation won't be complete until spring of 2019. I got to stay in one of the new rooms last week. I also took time to talk with the manager about things I noticed about the new rooms.


View from the door

The new rooms are much brighter. There is no "desk" per se, just a small table on wheels with a chair at a good height (as seen across the bed in the photo above). I do miss the adjustable desk chair, but this one worked pretty well. The lamp tables on either side of the bed each have two electrical outlets and two USB outlets. The end of the couch near the table also has an electrical outlet and USB outlet.


Bed and side tables

A view of the bed and side tables


TV Cadenza

The TV screen is huge. It was had for me to connect my HDMI cable to the TV because it is mounted on the wall, but the Manager said that once all of the rooms are finished, they will have the Marriott internet television option installed. Under the coffee pot is a small refrigerator, a nice additional amenity that this hotel did not have. When I went to brew a cup of tea in the evening, the coffee maker was not plugged in -- a MAJOR annoyance that I brought to the Manager's attention. I had to pull out the refrigerator and struggle to get the plug in. The Manager told me that it should have been connected and I suggested that she check all the new rooms.


Sink, Toilet, Walk-in Shower

The tubs have been removed and replaced with a very nice walk-in shower.


closet unit

The open closet unit is centered in the old closet opening (no more doors). The one problem I noticed is that because the unit is centered, the suitcase stand can no longer be placed upright next to the closet unit. It has to be lain down---poor planning here!


Overall, the rooms are quite nice. I'm looking forward to the renovated and restored club lounge with the promise of a cappuccino machine likely coming back to the hotel (at least I hope so!) For now, the club lounge is in an extra room behind the front desk next to the kitchen.


But at least this hotel has NEWSPAPERS! -- TWO of them: The Wisconsin State Journal (local Madison newspaper) and The Wall Street Journal. The weekly alternative paper Isthmus is also available at the front desk. HOORAY for hotels that have NEWSPAPERS!