Points through Emirates are given, but don't count?

Discussion created by yogib on Dec 12, 2018
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Even though I don't travel with Emirates (haven't had the pleasure of this option yet), I have linked my SPG account to Emirates in the past year, which I renewed from my Marriott Rewards account after the merger.


As the saying goes: you never know...


Out of nowhere, suddenly points from Emirates popped up in my Marriott Rewards account. Apparently, Marriott deposited Emites FF miles in my Emirates account for a (non-eligible for MR points/nights) stay at a Courtyard. In turn, Emirates gave me Marriott points and, in turn, Marriott put new miles in my Emirates account and, in turn, Emirates put new Marriott points in my Marriott Rewards account, which was probably the lowest amount after which it made no more sense to continue the spiral.


While I can't complain about free points given probably by some chain of IT bugs, I though it would be the end of it.


With the 29Ways promotional win points finally starting to post, I compared my personal Excel file with the points total on the Marriott website. Apart from some 29Ways winnings missing, the amount still seemed off. After some calculation (adding in the 2000 missing points from 29Ways) I concluded that 66 points were missing. Exactly the same amount of points given by Emirates.


I can't say that the 66 points are killing my vacation plans, but I wanted to raise awareness about this issue. I'm sure that there are people here that have a lot more transactions between their Emirates FF account and Marriott Rewards (or, by this post, people that are interested to test out this points-giving spiral?) so maybe look at your points balance and see if y'all also have this bug that the points are showing up, but are not adding up to your total amount of available points?