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LTG Elite Year Qualification Question

Question asked by bosyh on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by kh24


I used to be with SPG and now have 4 years of elite status and 253 nights on my account. SPG's old LTG requirement is 5 years of elite and 250 nights.

I know I need to reach 5 years of elite within this year, and I will be at least Platinum Elite next year (60 nights for now, going for 75.) And my lifetime elite year was not increased after I re-qualify for platinum next year, so the big question is that is there a chance I would count for LTG under the old requirement instead of the new LTS?


Aka would qualifying for elite status next year count towards my lifetime elite years, or I have to wait for next year for it to increase.


Let me know, thanks!