47 minutes 25 seconds to make reservation

Discussion created by nuclearnomad on Dec 13, 2018
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What is going on with reservations?  I lurk on this site more than contribute but I feel compelled to share this experience out of complete frustration.  I just spent 47:25 to make one reservation for one night in Chicago.  I started with the platinum reservation line first and was on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up.  I never spoke to a soul.  So I called the hotel directly and quickly spoke to a person who helped me with the reservation.   I was hoping to use a Suite Night Award (first time) but unfortunately  this caused more delays while they sorted it out.  I don't think I can book the SNA's on line or I would have reserved that way.


I am lifetime platinum and have obviously booked with Marriott for years and I have noticed that the reservation line has gone downhill and cratered today in 20 minutes of wasted, frustrated time.  I am grateful that the person at the hotel was able to help with the SNA but they must not be very comfortable using them either since I spent 27:45 with them.  


I used to enjoy some good service on the national reservation line.  They would even know my name when they answered.  You could talk to the person and have a good experience.  Today however was the polar opposite.  The hotel representative was nice but I still spent way more time on hold than I did talking to her.