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How is the new Club Playa Largo?

Question asked by vbnative on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by ppezzano

We have 2 rooms booked at the Playa Largo Resort in Key Largo at the end of January 2019, using points for husband, mother-in-law, friend and me.  We stayed there earlier this year, so are familiar with the property.  We received an e-mail asking if we wanted to upgrade to "Club Playa Largo" for $150 per night (includes 2 people).  The e-book can be found here: 


A couple of questions:


1.  Is the breakfast buffet included for Platinum members?  I'm Lifetime Platinum, husband is Lifetime Platinum Premiere.  I know the buffet normally runs about $25 per person.  I stayed at a Marriott in Hawaii a few months ago and the complimentary breakfast include a cup of coffee and a danish.


2.  Has anyone upgraded to the Club Playa Largo level?  Is it worth the $150/night?  Thoughts on the reserved pool chairs, private beach area, complimentary food?   Are the drinks (beer, wine, champagne, cocktails) complimentary?  It's hard to tell from the e-book.  Where do you have to go to get the food and drinks?


Any information you can provide is appreciated!