What's the Latest on Whether Transfers Count for Lifetime Points?

Discussion created by ella31 on Dec 12, 2018
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This is another one of those annoying issues we've heard conflicting info about. I wanted to start a thread where we could consolidate all the reports in one place, and hopefully have the most up to date info. 


I am in a rather frustrating situation at the moment. When my credit card points post at the middle of the month, I will be about 190K points short of meeting the 1.6 million point requirement for LT Gold (to turn into LT Platinum).


I have 145K SPG points that transferred into my account when I merged accounts, and as we've discussed extensively, we've gotten conflicting reports about whether these will count, including conflicting reports from apparently high level sources.


If those SPG counts (and they may not), I will still need another 45K points. Back in August I thought this would be an easy gap to fill, as I would be able to have the points transferred from a relative. But in my latest communication with a customer service rep, I was told these points would NOT count toward LT points, even though they have always counted in the past.


If you have any information to report on this issue, please post it here! Thanks in advance.




On a related note: It is really absurd - and very poor customer service - that Marriott has given us this tight deadline of December 31 to achieve lifetime status under the legacy requirements before the goal posts move, but yet it is now DECEMBER 12, less then 3 weeks from the deadline, and 1) Marriott still has not provided official guidance on these issues in the Term & Conditions or in FAQs; and 2) Marriott customer service reps are continuing to repeatedly provide inconsistent answers to these questions. Therefore, we are trying to meet a goal without the necessary information on which to base our actions. I for one spent a lot of money and effort toward the goal of achieving 1.6M points by the end of the year because in August a customer service reps assured me that she was 100% confident that my SPG points - which I would need to reach the goal - would count. Then, in December, after spending a lot of time and money, I am told by another customer service rep that they will not count. At this point, I don't know whom to believe, but I think if customer services reps made a promise, and members relied on that promise in deciding what actions to take, that promise should be honored. tcommunitymanagers, I would appreciate it if you could pass on these concerns to the powers-that-be.