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London Xenia and Kensington

Question asked by fuzzybass on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2019 by brightlybob

brightlybob would love to get your thoughts.  Platinum Premier Elite. Traveling to London in May. We are a family of 4 (2 college aged kids, my wife and I).  We have never been to England.

Thinking about booking a room at Xenia and at Kensington. I understand they are directly across the street from one another. Thinking I'll check myself into each hotel and have my kids stay one hotel and my wife and I at the other. Whichever one gives me the best room upgrade, is the one my wife and I will stay in and the kids in the other. 
Could book 2 single beds at Xenia and one bed at Kensington. Using points it would be 490,000 points. 
I assume that two would eat breakfast for free at Xenia and 2 would have lounge access at Kensington. 


The other option is to keep what I currently have booked at County Hall:

Originally was only going to be staying 5 nights but now staying 8 nights.  I took advantage of booking the original 5 nights prior to the merger so we currently have County Hall for 45,000 points for 4 nights, 5th night free. However since we are a family of 4, they are charging 120 pounds extra per night for the "Family" 2 double bed room. I don't think we want to check out and into another hotel during our stay so booked an additional 3 nights (again using points) at the County hall but this time for 60,000 points per night plus the 120 pounds. 

So total points of 360,000 plus an additional 960 pounds. 

I have stayed in USA hotel rooms plenty of times with the 4 of us and been fine - Usually my kids and I just shower at the gym or my kids might just shower at night.  But, I am starting to get nervous about how small the rooms and beds might be in London. I also now understand that only my wife and I will get club access without spending a fortune - We only really use for breakfast and plan on being out and about all day and most nights.


Doing some magic math conversion and using a .9 cent USD value for each point. 960 pounds equals $1,228 equals 136,444 points.  Rounding – I figure the County hall is costing me the equivalent of 496,000 points for 8 nights for the two double beds.


So from a points/value prospective, I am looking at one room at County Hall being pretty much equal to one room at Kensington and one room at Xenia.