Problems at the Dolphin

Discussion created by jburman82 on Dec 5, 2018
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Anyone else ever have issues with this hotel? Over half the time I stay there my room is not ready at 4. This usually wouldn't be a big deal except I'm traveling with a 4 and 7 year old.


This happened again last weekend. I booked a large suite. When we got there the room wasnt ready and the front desk guy says we are getting an upgrade to a suite and thats why its not ready. I explained we booked a suite and he insisted we were getting an upgrade. I stopped arguing. He said the room would be ready shortly. It wasnt ready until after 5. Again, not a problem for my wife and I but when we have 5:45 dinner reservations with the kids it makes it too much to get up to the room, unpack, get settled and make it to dinner. So we have to do it after dinner and make the kids stay up later so it makes them tired and cranky the next day. Nevermind, that we couldn't get a bellman to help us bring our stuff down at checkout or reach the valet to have our car waiting so we stood outside for 20 min waiting for our car. Lots of fun trying to keep the 4 yo from running out into the driveway. Plus, the guy who helped load our bags left one on the curb. Thankfully my wife realized it about 20 min into our drive so it only cost us about an hour. I reached out to hotel and recieved a generic sorry. No offer of any compensation.


Like I said, this wouldnt be a big deal and I would chalk it up to one bad experience but it has happened repeatedly at this hotel. Just wanted to warn people that the hotel rarely has rooms ready at check in. They seems understaffed for the amount of guests they have.