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Q about SNAs "annually"

Question asked by pamelamaesnap on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by pamelamaesnap

I have to think this is clarified somewhere but I haven't been able to find the answer so hoping someone might be able to help!


I chose as my "Lifetime Platinum Elite" reward 5 SNAs when I qualified back at the merger date in mid-August. I have not used any yet because we've had very limited travel this year and most of it has been at places like the SHS or CY or else a quickie stopover. 


I see by reading the "perks" of LPE that we receive 5 SNAs "annually." Can anyone shed light on how that works? Does the "year" begin on January 1, or the merger date (August 18) or at some other time (I have NO idea what my anniversary date is since I joined in 1994 or 1995, but if that is the date, I'm guessing I could call Marriott and find out my date). 


I wonder because as I've mentioned in another thread where many of you have been HUGELY helpful, hubby and I are hoping to take a week-plus trip to Canada in August 2019 and that would seem to be a good time to try to use my current cache of SNAs. 


BUT we'll also be in LA in January, with our first two nights at the Marina Del Rey, a full-service Marriott (we'll be at an SHS later on in the trip but no need to upgrade there, and the LAX Renaissance for our last night, but it's literally only to sleep and shuttle to the airport for a mid-morning flight home). 


If we don't use our rewards SNAs we got in August this year, do they carry over or expire? And if so, when would that date be? Trying to figure out if it's worth trying to "upgrade" in Marina Del Rey without giving up the chance to really make our summer trip better (it's right before our daughter's wedding so it will be a nice chance to relax and explore before all that "fun" hits the fan!)


Thanks for ANY help on this!!!