What doesn't count anymore.....

Discussion created by skysurfr on Dec 3, 2018
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I have enjoyed Platinum level benefits for several years, Gold level in past years which is now Platinum. I earned my status by spending the credit card, 1 EQN per $3000 in Marriott Card spending and also with "stays" in hotels. 


The Credit Card no longer counts towards EQN's. No more 1 EQN / $3000. 

When my company books and pays for a room, that no longer counts.

When I book and pay on a discounted rate code via the Marriott site, that no longer counts.

When you book via a third party website, that no longer counts.

When you bring your significant other and a child, you find that that your child doesn't count and isn't allowed 

in the lounge because you are limited to one other guest.  Yes, I was told to go buy my child breakfast somewhere else. 

(That one got me a phone call from the CEO's office and an apology)


What I realize no longer counts, is me. I don't count in Marriott's business plan.  


Here's what does count.... A Hilton $450 credit card that gets you instant Diamond Status. 

Hilton's that welcome your family when you travel, including pizza making classes with the chef for the kids.

Hilton's that go out of their way to actually give you a real upgrade. 

Hilton's that offer you a nights credit even when your company is paying for the room. 


I will just make Platinum for 2019. Beyond that, why continue staying with the Marriott program?