Nominating Jade from Courtyard Sacramenton Midtown

Discussion created by bjuliano on Dec 2, 2018
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I'm a platinum and have stayed at a variety of hotels and brands.  Saw some of the best customer service I've received today.  My sons were disappointed at the Bistro ran out of the cereal the ordered - Jade found some.  The Bistro staff seemed confused about the dining credit I selected as my check in benefit - Jade took care of that.


Food was behind - Jade jumped in to help get us everything we ordered - we got 2 of some things none of others until she got involved.  There were 3 folks working the Bistro and Jade was running around busting butt at 2x the rate of the Bistro employees.  She kept checking in to be sure we had all we needed and was humble and gracious the whole way.  She was also running around helping other guests.


Now for the kicker - Jade was a front desk associate but jumped in to help the Bistro staff because they needed the help.  So many employees these days say "not my job" but not Jade.  She definitely did the right thing for the customers and the hotel.


Honorable mention for the management who clearly makes the team feel empowered to do what they need to do to provide excellent customer service.


My most sincere thanks!



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