Event Upgrade

Discussion created by mkopald on Dec 1, 2018

I am trying to find out what happened to my upgrade to platinum for hosting an event.  I got an email from MR that if I hosted an event between October 10 and Dec 28th it would be an upgrade to platinum.  When the points posted I called MR and have not gotten 4 different answers:

Call 1 Customer Service said: The hotel you booked with upgrades you. Clearly this isn’t true, and the hotel knew nothing about this.

Call 2: “you have met all the terms and conditions for this promotion, you should see the upgrade in 48 hours.”

call 3: “you needed to book at least 20 rooms”. When I told the rep that was nowhere in this email, she said she would talk to another person.  20 minutes on hold later and the next person (call 4) picks up.

call 4: “this promtion only works at 5 hotels in the entire state of CA. I can send you the website that lists them”. When I told her the email I got doesn’t no say that, that I had been told I qualified, and that there is literally no website accessible to the general public about this condition she offered to send it to me.  Then she said she couldn’t send to my email. Maybe it’s coming by carrier pigeon.


i like Marriott a lot. I have 20-30 events slated for 2019 and right now, I don’t want to work with Marriott, not because I didn’t get an upgrade but because of the service level. 


Has as anyone else participated in this promo. I would really like the upgrade to platinum!