2018 -The Year Of SERIOUS Issues With Marriott

Discussion created by 702rugbyref on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by pey

What a brutal loyal year for Marriott members.


From the horrible combining (mega-merger) between large hotel chains, the failed (brutal) IT issues associated with the merger and other things, the embarrassment of the recent promotion roll-out and paltry winnings, customer service lines literally disappearing before our own eyes and now this massive data breach. I will ignore the facts that we all regularly have missing points/stays, consistency issues with Elite Statuses, etc.


I am sure I am missing other serious issues but these really rise to the top in my opinion. You wonder why any of us would even stay. It does show either we are really confident in the product or we are too scared it would be worse elsewhere.


What I don't see is the customer satisfaction and confidence in OUR preferred hotel chain. Frustrations beyond reasonable expectations.


Just crossed the 200 nights this year threshold and missing 5 nights on those stays too. LUCKILY I just spent a few nights in one of Marriott's best properties IMO - Palazzo Naiadi in Rome. TOP NOTCH!!


Stay the course or look elsewhere?