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Marriott reward promotions ?

Question asked by mkopald on Nov 30, 2018

I plan events as part of my marketing role. Recently I held an event at the Costa Mesa Marriott. I got an email that if I held an event between October and December I would get an automatic upgrade to Platinum status. The email didn’t say anything about size of event, or need to book rooms even though I did have a room block as part of this. 


I have now spent at least 4 hours on the phone with Marriott and gotten 4 stories.  1 told me that the hotel issues the upgrade to platinum status. The second person told me that I had met all the requirements after reviewing the terms and conditions and to call back if the upgrade hadn’t posted in 2 days.  When I called back the first person told me I needed to book at least 20 rooms. Then the final told me that only courtyard marriotts in CA were eligible. The lady said she’d send me the website that lists these terms and conditions but then said she had no way to send to my email. 


Has as anyone else experienced this kind of run around? I have about 30 events slated for next year and at this point, I want to transfer all my points to United and never deal with Marriott again.