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Year end credit card spending rollover for elite nights and actual monthly earning periods?

Question asked by catsfan on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by suzysharp

Regarding the elite nights earned for every $3K credit card spending, does anyone happen to know if the extra dollars roll over from one year to the next?  For example if we spend $2500 in Nov. and/or Dec.,  which obviously won't be enough to earn us an elite night, if we then spend $500 in Jan., will we receive an elite night, or does the spending amount reset at the beginning of each year?  Trying to maximize the timing of our spending.  We understand that Marriott eliminated the rollover nights so unsure if we should assume the spending will definitely carry over this year.


Also, there's been some prior discussion on the actual timing of which spending dates count each month.  We've been told conflicting info by Chase.  Are the earned elite nights calculated from your statement period (i.e. Nov. 4 - Dec. 4) or from each calendar month? (Nov. 1 - 30)  


Thanks for your help!