Unprecidented Service

Discussion created by madaniel on Nov 27, 2018
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In early October of this year I attended a conference in Raleigh, NC and checked in on a Sunday afternoon. The service I encountered the minute I stepped into the lobby of the Raleigh Marriott City Center was attention grabbing, friendly, warm and memorable. The registration desk team worked as a team, they were friendly, amazing in their desire to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. On Monday I misplaced my phone, went to the front desk to see if I left it there and found the same team from the day before on duty. They all jumped into HELP MODE! They began calling my number, calling other team members and were more than involved! Eventually I found the phone and let them know.

Throughout my visit this team of professionals acted as if they were trained and worked in one of the finest European hotels. I can't say enough about them. While I left a note on the site website, I wanted the larger Marriott family to know what am amazing group of professionals they will encounter in Raleigh, NC. Sir Walter would be proud!


Marcia A. Daniel