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Platinum Status Challenge---Cut off dates and tactics

Question asked by byz88876 on Nov 26, 2018

Hi all,


I would like to ask about the current Platinum Status Challenge. 


Q1: I know that the current challenge ends on 31/12/2018. So if I enrol on 20/12/2018, do I have 3 months (i.e. until 31 March 2019) or do I only have 9 days to complete the challenge?


Q2: -Its about the Marriott year. If I complete the challenge before 28/02/2019, will my Platinum status expire on 28/02/2020?

-What if I complete the challenge on 01/03/2019? Does that mean I will have my Platinum status through 28/02/2021?

(If that is the case, I would rather wait until March to complete the 16th night for the challenge for the extra year of elite status )


Q3: Do Marriott/SPG have the Platinum challenge in 2019? Or is it going to end in 2018?