Disappointing customer care experience

Discussion created by jtspg on Nov 26, 2018


Using this forum for the first time, incited by a long and rather annoying conversation and experience with Marriott rewards points. I had stayed a couple of nights at a Marriott hotel (which were 2 separate appointments for unrelated reasons). I got rewards added for one night but not the other.

I called the customer service and initially they (customer representative who asked her supervisor) told me they couldn't add the night since this was a corporate travel. The other night was the same which allowed me to confront that with confidence that the information being provided was not correct. On my persistence, she checked further and then agreed to add the second night. The process included a seemingly never ending wait time and total duration for this conversation was almost an hour. 

It didn't end there. A while later when I checked, the points were added but the night was still not added.


It's frustrating that initially wrong information was provided and then when it was done, it was done incorrectly. And this process too almost an hour worth of an effort.


One would hope Marriott/ SPG would acknowledge, if not value, the customer's time. Very disappointing customer service and it would greatly benefit everyone if clear instructions are provided at all levels to prevent wasting time.