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Close to 75 nights.  When do credit card Elite Nights post if I pay the current balance ahead of it being on the statement balance?

Question asked by travelling on Nov 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by pamelamaesnap

My statement balance for my November bill is around $4000 and I paid it on the day it was due  - Nov. 25.   I had done lot of buying on this one credit card  so my current balance on the card is up to $10,000.  Can I pay  the current balance today so that  my eqn/$3000 spend posts in December?  If the $10,000 gets put on the next bill due around Dec. 25 then my nights won't get done until after the year end.  Is that a correct understanding for how the eqn per $3000 spend get tallied.  Also  - I read somewhere that I can ask the Marriott Chase Card  people to change my statement date so make this a more simple process  and so my eqn post on time?