Stay at Fairfield in Shanghai yields just 2x CC points

Discussion created by kalo925 on Nov 27, 2018
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This is a bit frustrating as I called Chase and explained that my stay at the Fairfield in in Shanghai showed as being awarded 2x points.   It seemingly is the result of the name that is shown on the credit card statement as having made the charge which is "shanghai wanfeng juidian SHANGHAI".  Sure, it doesn't seem the right name to me either, but one would think Chase/Marriott would understand the charges and name used in processing the charge and award the correct 6x points easily enough.


The total charge shown on my statement in USD is $79.50 on 10/22/18. (628.48 rmb).   Activity on my Marriott rewards account shows +1,093 Points (674 Base + 169 Elite + 250 Extra) 10/23/18 which makes sense as the room without tax would be at about $67.40.


So I explain all of this on the phone and would think it could be handled fairly easily.  Anyway I get a letter only referencing a conversation with a customer Service Specialist and asking me to provide "additional details (dates and amounts) of the transaction that you did not earn the additional points for the Marriott property so that we can research the same."   No info on what I already explained, no form, no envelope.


What a load of..... trouble!  Arghhhhh