Delta Hotels Vancouver (Canada) Downtown

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As I wrote a negative review on my previous hotel stay, I feel its only fair to write this review.


This hotel was great!  That pretty much sums it up.


Upon arrival, I pulled up to the Hastings street entrance.  No one was there, so we unloaded our bags and started inside the front door.  The Valet ran up (he's normally on the other side of the hotel) and explained that I was at the incorrect entrance and parked in a no parking zone.  No worries.  He told me he'd take care of the luggage (including carrying our 70 plus pound cargo bags up a short flight of stairs) and explained how to get to the front entrance (in the alley behind the hotel).  I have no idea how he saw us from his station on the opposite side of the hotel (probably a camera).  By the time I pulled around, he was waiting on me, having deposited my wife, children, and luggage at the front desk.   By the time I got to the front desk, the family was all checked in, including a room upgrade to a two room suite.  Bonus points for them not making my wife wait until I walked up to check in.  We've had hotels do that before and my wife finds it very insulting.


After that things were uneventful, as they should be for the next three days.  Service at the bar was great (and food was tasty).  Room was clean and well equipped/maintained.  Upon departure, I called for my car at 6:15 AM and by the time I got downstairs, it was waiting for me in the drive with the keys at the front desk.  As we got to the car, the valet on duty ran up and helped us load our bags. 


Great stay at a great hotel and I'll will gladly stay there again if I have a chance.