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If I refer my wife to MR + CC, how many points do we get?

Question asked by budgetguy on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by budgetguy

Can someone let me know if I'm understanding referral bonuses correctly?


1. Marriott will give each of us 2k points per stay booked in her name, up to 5 stays. That's 10k each, so 20k.


2. Chase will give me 20k points after she opens her CC account.


3a. Chase will give her 2 free nights after $3,000 in spending INSTEAD OF the 75,000 point bonus? If so, I'd probably just skip the Chase referral, as 75,000 points is worth a lot more to us than 2 nights + 20k.


3b. Or does she just get the 75,000, and Chase is considering it 2 free nights? In that case, Chase is being a bit dishonest by throwing it in with the other "referral benefits."


3c. I can't imagine they'd give her 2 nights AND 75k. But... could it be?