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Questions on newly-approved Premier Plus CC and upcoming stay.

Question asked by budgetguy on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by budgetguy

Hi everyone, I've got a few questions on miles and benefits on the "new" (Premier Plus) CC, especially as it pertains to my situation:


I am a Regular member, and have stayed at Marriott properties a total of 3 nights this year. This morning, I booked 8 nights for the week of Christmas (free cancellation, no prepayment, used personal card). A few hours later, I applied and was approved for the CC.


1) If I switch the reservation to the new card prior to payment, will I get the 6 points per dollar from the card, or do I have to cancel the booking and rebook with the MR CC? I'm afraid to do the latter, as rates will definitely go up in the 1.5-2 weeks before I receive it.


2) Since it's still 2018, will I get Silver Elite status?


2a) If yes to 2), when will that be reflected (and effective) on the account?


2b) If "yes" to 2), and if it's effective before the stay begins, will I get a 10% bonus on base earnings for the 8 nights?


2c) If "yes" to 2), and if it's effective prior the end of the year, will I be upgraded to Gold Elite after my stay because I'll be at Silver Elite + 11 nights in 2018?


3) Whether Silver Elite or Gold Elite, how long would that be good for? I'm kind of confused about calendar years, anniversary years, what happens when you get the 15 qualifying night credit, etc.


Thanks in advance!