Extremely disappointed by Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe; a shadow of its former self

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I am very sad to have to post this here, but I couldn't think of another way to get someone's attention to hopefully fix one of my favorite properties. My wife I and were last here two years ago and absolutely loved it. My wife (plat premiere, and then plat) was upgraded, treated wonderfully, and we had a fabulous time.


We are checking out today (my reservation; platinum) and have had one of the worst experiences at Marriott we have ever had--never mind at a Ritz-Carlton. We arrived around 11:30 and were not able to check-in. I have never been denied check-in at a RC upon arrival before. But admittedly we were several hours early.However, we were not offered a resort key card, access to the spa, or access to the pool. When we asked for a time estimate, they told us check-in was at 4pm. Again, I know we were early, but I have never been treated so dismissively at a Marriott before, and especially not at a RC.


We came back to the desk around 2:30- 3pm and were told that our room was still not available. A little disappointed, but OK. I had to ask twice for a resort key card and it isn't clear to me why the person at the front desk was reluctant to give us one.


We went to use the spa and there was no male attendant on duty. The female attendant told me wife she couldn't use a robe because laundry was not done for the day and they had to be "selective" about to whom they provided robes. Her word.


When we went back to the check-in desk at 4pm and asked for our room they claimed they had called us twice earlier to inform us it was available. However, when I showed them I had no missed calls, they claimed they had the wrong phone number for me. Curiously off by only one digit, and especially curious because upon our arrival that morning I had provided it twice and watched it being written down on the back of an envelope.


The last straw just happened. My wife called and sweetly asked for 1pm late check-out, bearing in mind that as a Plat member I am generally entitled to 4pm guaranteed late check-out. When she told me that she had been denied because they "have other guests coming" I was shocked. Of course, she tries to avoid confrontation so she accepted the response but I was in disbelief so I called back, assuming there must have been a misunderstanding, especially considering we hadn't been able to get into our room until 4pm.


The person who answered was completely unmoved and claimed that the policy here is different from everywhere else. When I told him how disappointing that was he suddenly was able to "move things around" and grant us 1pm late check-out. Why did it take the husband calling to get that outcome? If they genuinely have a different policy, I should have been denied. Did he think he could push my wife around because she was a woman? Was it because I questioned the policy?


This is absolutely unacceptable. I accept (if I dislike) that at less expensive or exclusive properties I might have to wheedle the staff into getting my way, or beg and plead and cross fingers for minor favors like these. But at a Ritz-Carlton, as a platinum rewards member, this is beyond unacceptable. Staff shouldn't be making mistakes taking down phone numbers. They should not be making guests feel like they are a burden. There should be robes for everyone--and by the way, how are you "selective" about who gets a robe? Is it based on race? Gender? Appearance? Status (we have plat status, so it must not be that).


The only redeeming part of this visit has been our interactions with the Living Room and restaurant waiters. The front desk staff have effectively ruined our stay and I don't think we will be back to this property ever again unless changes are made and publicized. This is tragic and I feel as though we have lost our favorite Marriott/RC property.