Kindly request advice from Experienced SPG AMEX Cardholders

Discussion created by siliconvalleyplat on Nov 24, 2018
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Being a legacy Marriott Rewards Member and Marriott Chase Card holder, the SPG AMEX is all new to me.  I just looked into it since my spouse and I currently share one card and am considering opening anStarwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card to get the 15 elite nights and possible Gold Status bump up on our other membership.  One of us is Platinum Premier and the other is Gold, but we will most like not be able to maintain Gold status on the second membership without the AMEX card or the You Choice benefit from the Platinum Premier to gift another member Gold status.


Would anyone know if:

  • You receive Gold status via SPG AMEX, does it  count towards your lifetime status as 1 year of Gold status or if it only counts towards your annual benefits and perks? 
  • Also, it looks like in 2018, if you spend $30K you would receive Gold status.  In 2019, the spend increases to $35K.  Does the increase affect ALL SPG cardholders, even existing members or only those who open their account in 2019 and after?
  • If I don't have an SPG account and only a Marriott account then there was nothing to merge, will that be an issue to deposit the SPG monthly points?
  • For those who have done the comparison, is it worth paying extra for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Luxury Card? I know it is $450 per year, but you get $300 to use when staying at Marriott/SPG properties, so you net paying $150 a year vs. the $95 for the Preferred Guest Card.

Someone mentioned that there were no 15 elite night credits in 2018, but I found this on their website today, so I am not sure if  I am misunderstanding the question or maybe the offer has been revised?

Appreciate any help with these questions.  I chatted online with the rep on the SPG AMEX website and I knew more than they did....kind of scary.  They didn't even have access to the internet to see the current offer that SPG AMEX had posted on their website.

I did read through the T&C's of the credit card, but I found it invoke more questions than answers:

Terms, Conditions & Disclosures 


Thanks for your input!