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Q About Requesting SNAs

Question asked by pamelamaesnap on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by verysuiteboy

This is probably a stupid question and/or one that has been addressed before but in my morning not-fully-caffeinated haze I can't seem to find the answer!


I know re: SNAs it says you can request them but they can't confirm them more than two days ahead. 


Does that refer to a request for a BLOCK of SNA nights or any given night at a time? 


I'd been thinking I'd like to save my 5 (not sure if we get more each year so I'll just think of 5 now) for a trip where we'll be staying somewhere for, say, 3-5 nights ... but if I were to do that, would I have to keep asking for the next night and the next night and the next night? If it was available, say, the first two nights but not the next two, would we have to change rooms? 


I guess the follow-up question is this: For those of you who have used it, is it better off used on one-two night stays or have any of you found you've been able to bundle them and get a five-night bump and KNOW you had it before you arrived and unpacked?


Also, I'd imagine it's better to use in, say, a nice full-service fancy place rather than an SHS or RI where the rooms are all the same with the only difference it being a little bigger, which we don't really need per se ... e.g., we have a two-night stay upcoming at the Marriott in Marina Del Ray where we booked a smaller room with a Santa Monica view ... would requesting two SNA nights for that trip be worth the upgrade?