Legacy SPG properties, points not posting

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Nov 23, 2018
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Legacy SPG properties stays and points not posting - BEWARE - Marriott converting them over to the legacy MR system the next few months property by property, and the legacy SPG properties are not giving points as they dont know how to work the new system


Another great (ha) effort by MR. 2 psid stays, one at Sheraton in Old San Juan and one at Le Meridien in London, no points even after 10 days, file a claim with and its the proverbial black hole. They say they are really busy so wait another 10 days and then see what happens.  ON on Nov 26 it will be 10 days since the claim was filed, I will file a claim every day just for fun until I get what is owed to me. Is that fair? No, but Marriott isnt being fair. OK so two wrongs dont make a right, but I am beyond frustrated


I have a better solution. I wont stay at any legacy SPG property until this is fixed and I have my points. These were PAID cash stays, I asked for platinum welcome amenity, did make a green choice, etc. 


Anyone else having better luck? I merged my accounts in August and had stays at Westin, W's in September and October, points posted just fine.


I have 24 years in with Marriott, 16 as platinum and feel that this is a problem they could have anticipated, dealt with and and not made it my problem (as I tell people who work for me, I don't want their problems, I have enough of my own). 


Really Marriott - fix this is not fair and equitable and not reasonable. You just upset loyal long term members and for what?