Platinum Premier Elite Support

Discussion created by trevorrmartin on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by kalo925

The last few times I have called a Platinum Premier Elite Support number, either Rewards or Reservations, I have been on hold 20+ minutes before my call is answered, regardless of time of day. Currently, just hit the 28 minute mark (holding as I type this...) and still waiting.  A couple of times I got frustrated and called the general reservations line and my call was answered within a couple of minutes. 


I know the logical answer would be to just call the general line, but in the past I certainly found the Elite lines more capable of answering questions and dealing with things not to mention that access to Elite support lines is supposed to be a special privilege so support should be better and quicker...right?


I just wanted to put it out to the group to see if others are finding wait times for Elite support to be significantly longer than in the past?