Chase Card Rewards Points Issue

Discussion created by limarc on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by bob123

Has anyone using the Chase Marriott Rewards Card notified them of the change to your Rewards Membership number.     

My issue started when the points from my November statement never made it to my Rewards account. So today I called Chase and was told that my points were sent to Marriott on November 16th. So next I call Marriott and after a lengthy hold so they could check my account. I was told that the points do not show anywhere in their system and that I should once again call Chase. So once again I call Chase and go through my whole sad issue. This person seems to feel the issue is my new Rewards Account number and that the bank is still using my original Marriott Rewards number. So he was forwarding an email to the bank’s Marketing Department to resolve this issue with Marriott. So now I’m suppose to hear back from the Marketing Department. Will I see any points before year’s end ?