Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel

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Just returned from a nice long weekend in Palm Springs and thought I'd share my experience at this hotel post merger.  I took a few pictures but will admit, the ones on the hotel website are much better so we'll just leave it at that.


I did mobile check in the day before arrival and at 7 am pacific on our arrival received a notice that our room was ready (I didn't ask for an early check in so this was a nice surprise).  I've learned from my fellow kind insiders that one really needs to ask for an upgrade if not provided, so I sent a chat inquiring if they might have an upgrade.  I received a message back that they would make a note and try to accommodate the upgrade but nothing further.  After a short flight from Seattle, we arrived in sunny Palm Springs and decided to head over to the hotel and drop our stuff.


I went to check in and had a very nice but new gentleman run quickly through his checklist.  As the Renaissance doesn't have a lounge, I received a voucher for 2 people for each day for breakfast in the hotel restaurant listed as "continental buffet".  Parking was discounted from $26 a day to $16 a day as an additional benefit (sorry didn't catch if it was just platinum or included gold as well).  He then handed over a $10 food and beverage voucher.  At this point I advised that I would like points for my welcome gift and he said if I didn't use the $10 food and beverage voucher or the breakfast coupons I could turn them in for the points. Ummm, I explained how the breakfast worked and handed back the $10 voucher at that time requesting the points as the welcome gift.  (Points haven't posted yet so hopefully no issue)


Arrived to our room to discover we had in fact been upgraded to a pool view junior suite!  Woo Hoo!!!  Room was all remodeled, clean and very comfortable.  We had a great view of the pool and mountains with a very nice outdoor patio.  Wait, is that cigarette smoke I smell?  Hmmm  Hoped it was just a one off and went off to explore with a short walk to downtown Palm Springs.


As the weather isn't terribly hot this time of year, it was so nice to sleep with the slider open and get fresh air.  Wait, did I just wake up to cigarette smoke?  Downstairs to breakfast and stop by the front desk.  They assure me the hotel is non smoking including the outdoor patios and will have housekeeping confirm who was smoking. 


Get to breakfast with our vouchers to find out it's not just continental buffet but includes the omelet station, bacon/sausage, scrambled eggs and potatoes.  Extra credit points here as the breakfast truly was top notch.  Did I mention BACON?? 


After a day of exploring we headed back to change and walk downtown for the Thursday night market.  Sitting on the patio enjoying the sun and yep you guessed it .... cigarette smoke.  Downstairs I head to talk to the manager who advises they will send security right up.  Shortly afterwards I received a call letting me know our neighbor is now aware smoking is not permitted on the patios and it should not be an issue anymore. 


Had a wonderful time wandering the stalls for the Thursday night market and delicious food from the vendors. 


Saturday after a big breakfast, we headed off to Joshua Tree National Park.  First time for both of us and we really enjoyed the short hikes and exploring the park.  Got back to the hotel and changed to head down for a little swim before dinner but happened to look out and see caution tape around the pool.  Called down to find out the pool was closed due to an "incident" .... UGH!


Wrapped up our last day with some time reading on the patio since the pool was now somewhere I wasn't going and this time it was just bad weed instead of cigarette smoke.  All in all I left feeling like a complainer but clearly the hotel has an issue with smokers not being clear on where they can and can't smoke.  Room was great, breakfast was excellent and if you don't want to sit on your patio or have your door open for fresh air, this hotel is ideal!