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The SPG Luxury Card Upgrade Bonus

Question asked by betterdays on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by betterdays

Given all the little perks that come along with it, the SPG Luxury card seems like a really nice thing to have.  Indeed, I wanted to apply for it during the small window of time I had to earn a 100k sign up bonus.  At that time however, I was completing the spending needed to earn a couple free nights on my newly acquired Ritz-Carlton card and was not in a position to also meet the minimum spending for the SPG's bonus points.  Sadly, I let it pass. 


For some time now, I have had an offer to upgrade my SPG Amex card to the Luxury version for a tidy 50K points! 

...but I've been waiting.


So why wait?  You might ask.  Well since I currently hold the Ritz card, II'm concerned they might not give me the bonus points on the SPG upgrade.  I know that current holders of the Ritz card are not eligible for the SPG Lux sing up bonus.  But does this also extend to SPG upgrade offers?  Furthermore, by the end of this month, I'll have held the SPG Amex personal card for a full year.  Upon my anniversary date, I expect to receive a certificate that's good for a free night at a Marriott property that would otherwise cost up to 35K points.  Of course the offer may no longer be on the table at that point.  I would gladly forego the free night certificate for the more valuable 50K points, but if I don't qualify for the upgrade points then I just blew the free night. 


Can anyone please share some helpful insight?