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Just got back from a wonderful trip to Europe.  We started out at the Paris Opera Ambassador Marriott and while in a great location, the hotel disappointed, greatly.  We started out with a warm welcome and a lovely room/suite. The suite was well designed but we soon noticed that the living and sleeping areas were poorly lit.  (The foyer and bath were extremely well lit and it would have been nice if some of that light could have been transferred to the living and sleeping area but that was not possible.) The heat was not working and the staff tried to tell us that we were not using the thermostat correctly.  After a cold night we got a maintenance man who said that the unit was not working. He brought us a space heater that we could only use by unplugging a lamp.  That made a dark room darker. If took two days to find out that the staff knew that there was no heat in any rooms but that they did not tell the guests.


Service in the Concierge Lounge, in the evening, was among the worst I have seen.  The food, there, was good but service was cut off 30  - 40 minutes early 4 of our 5 nights.  The morning staff was excellent. Laundry service was exorbitantly priced (but no worse than most hotels) and our laundry delivered very late. I would not return to this hotel.  The concierge desk had excellent recommendations for restaurants.  I have received a nice apology from the hotel with some points that reduce the cost of the stay by about 5%.


In Paris, we had a spectacular lunch at Bistrotters, a Michelin recommended restaurant.  Michelin star quality but casual ambiance, so no stars.  We also took a tour of the Opera building, which is spectacular.  


The remainder of the trip went very well.  'We had a nice riverboat trip from Lyon to Arles.    Excellent food and interesting stops.  I think I'll spend some time in Lyon on our next trip to France. Finally we had several days in Barcelona with an excellent stay at the Barcelona Renaissance.  I recommend this hotel.  


On the way back we stayed at the Newark airport Renaissance.  Excellent hotel with an excellent CL.