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Points for Long Stay

Question asked by verona40 on Nov 16, 2018
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Hello. I am fairly new to the Marriott points program and not quite sure I understand the points one should receive. My question is, as an Platinum Premier Elite Member, how many points should I have received for staying at the Renaissance, Sao Paulo for 65 days? I was charged 256$ a night (before taxes) and paid using one credit card. I looked at the points I received and it doesn't seem to add up correctly. 

This is what I received ... 

+83,449 Points

(46,542 Base + 34,907 Elite + 2,000 Extra)


I was under the impression that Elite members received 10 points per dollar. At 256$ a night at 65 nights, I calculated 166,400 before bonus points. Do I have the point system all wrong?


Kind regards.