Getting the Green Choice Credit

Discussion created by spgrocks on Nov 14, 2018
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Dear Marriott,


Please tell me how I--and so many other loyal customers--can be certain to have the Green Choice points credited with my stay. I've signed up on the app upon check in, asked the front desk to verify my choice, hung the sign on my door and asked front desk again upon checkout. Yet, I've gotten the bonus points credited with my stay only half of the time. Do you need to train the front desk staff? Twice I called customer service and they told me that the hotel front desk has to initiate the credit.


Why is the credit not yet automated by the system? Do you need to upgrade your outdated or cheap software? Do I need to wait until you have A.I. to understand my selection? Is there no one in your IT department that has thought maybe it would be good to allow me to set my profile to always take the Green Choice option on all of my stays?


C'mon, Man!


Sincerely (upset),

Lifetime Platinum Elite