Hotel Review: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Fredericksburg, TX

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Rating: 3.8/5


Introduction: My wife & I spent one night at the subject hotel while on a brief weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country. Our stay was from Saturday, November 3rd - Sunday, November 4th 2018.


Arrival/Check-In: Upon arrival I immediately noticed how quiet and clean the common elements were inside of the hotel even though there were a lot of guests staying at the hotel judging by the volume of vehicles parked in the parking lot. As I walked up to the front desk to check-in (I did Mobile Check-In) I noticed the one and only front desk clerk was a young lady who was busily texting away on her phone. She never once looked up at me even though I noisily made my way to the front desk with my luggage; even when I stood directly in front of her it took her a good 5-10 seconds to acknowledge me. She eventually realized a guest was standing in front of her, apologized for being on her phone, and then casually got us checked in. Shen then offered me the choice of staying on the 2nd or 3rd floor, to which I promptly chose the latter.


Room: The room itself was in pristine condition and was very spacious, as we stayed in the King Studio Suite. I personally thought the layout of the room and the overall simplicity of it was very suitable and refreshing. My wife & I got unpacked, settled in, and then freshened up for an evening of exploring the town. Once we exited our door, however, we noticed that our electronic lock wouldn't activate once it closed. I tried entering and exiting again to see if it locked, but to no avail. Thankfully a few housekeepers, along with their supervisor, were down the hallway from us turning over some rooms. We approached them, explained the situation, and the issue was immediately resolved by the supervisor who promptly facilitated a room change for us at the front desk. While our replacement room was the exact same in just about every way it did, however, have a slight musty smell and was also lacking a few of the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree toiletries that our original room was stocked with. The replacement room was also on the second floor and was located, conveniently enough, directly below our original room.  


Service: The service was neither worse nor better than I expected from staying in a small town in the Hill Country (even Fredericksburg, which has grown in popularity tremendously). While I've had better service at boutique hotels in the Hill Country before and have slightly lower standards for chain hotels, I still was a little surprised at my check-in experience and how I was not acknowledged by the front desk clerk, even while standing directly in front of her. Additionally the housekeeping supervisor who facilitated our room transfer was a bit too casual in her dealings with me and not entirely professional. She frequently cited how the electronic locks had been giving them issues, how the hotel itself was at occupancy, and because they had to give us a replacement room they now had to turn away future guests because no maintenance staff was onsite to address the lock issue. She very much so had a, "We'll take care of you but it sucks for them" attitude.


Summary: Any of the aforementioned issues highlighted above, while minor annoyances at the time, were not enough to deter me from desiring to stay at this property in the future. The hotel itself was clean and tidy; the rooms were spacious and pleasant; the staff, while not as polished as I would have liked, was still more than accommodating; the free breakfast in the morning was suitable; and the overall experience was pleasant enough. This Fairfield Inn & Suites is a welcome addition to the lodging scene in Fredericksburg, TX.