Issues with Megabonus

Discussion created by koalakid18 on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by arizonatag

Since the merger, I seem to no longer receive emails regarding Megabonus, 29 days promotion, etc.  I have looked on my account all fall and always show there are no promotions for me.  I thought it was strange because there are usually megabonus promotions.  I came on here two weeks ago to ask if they discontinued the promtions.  Well, that is when I saw that I have been missing out on both the 29 days and the Megabonus promtions.  I emailed customer service and never got a reply. Then I contacted the community managers yesterday and finally got a response.  I am to wait 48-72 hr but so far, nothing has shown up.  My question is this....why are they not sending out emails about the promotions?  Why when I go to the web site or my app to try to sigh up , I still can't? 


I am guessing that my stays since Sept will not count, which they should because I had no idea this was going on.....Means I will miss out on 7 stays worth points and also 3 diff brands so far for points.  I am a rewards member of another chain but started giving Marriott all my business. I've been a Marriott member for 17 yr.