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Curious about what qualifies as "rewarding" event

Question asked by pamelamaesnap on Nov 15, 2018
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I can't seem to figure this out on my own and hoping someone here might have an answer.


We will be hosting a party at our home next year and will be inviting a lot of friends and relatives from out of town as a combined post-wedding celebration for our daughter (she's having a small wedding in California two weeks earlier and it's hard for a lot of our friends and relatives to put together a weekend trip across country) and my 60th birthday ... obviously, not all of them will attend, but we do plan on getting a block of rooms with a special room rate at our local full-service Marriott to make life easier for those who DO want to come and would like to stay with other invitees to perhaps share the drive over and back, etc. (we did the same back in 2003 ... it's a nice location, not too far from our house.)


The party will be on a Saturday afternoon/evening ... when we did this in 2003 for our daughter's bat mitzvah, the reception was at a separate location but we hosted an open house brunch at our house the next morning so people could come by before they left town for coffee and a nosh


This time, since the party is at our house Saturday, I think serving brunch the next morning would be just too much for us (house will still be a mess LOL) ... I had been thinking about finding out what the cost would be to book a small room at the Marriott with coffee, pastries, etc. for Sunday morning before people leave town so they have a place to congregate and we could come over.


I am guessing if we were to do that, it might be considered a rewarding event (albeit a small one) ... but don't know if the cost will be prohibitive (especially tacked on to the party at our house AND the previously-mentioned daughter's actual wedding in California two weeks prior). 


But that said, in terms of JUST pre-arranging a block of rooms for the weekend at the hotel, does that count for anything in terms of points for us or do they simply go directly to whichever guests are Marriott/SPG members?


Thanks in advance for any input on this ...