Level of cleanliness

Discussion created by lowheat on Nov 13, 2018

I'm staying one night at the Pudong East Marriott in Shanghai on business. The my room rate is over $300 US which is outrageous... but I've stayed here before and the familiarity of the area brought me back. I check in and was not upgraded so I'm a bit disappointed but not shaken (I've been upgraded to the presidential suite here once, hard to top that). Then I get to my room and it's by the elevator, which I hate. "Oh well" I say to myself. Then I drop my bags then run to lunch. After I come back, I sit down in the little office chair with the ripped arm rest. ($300 a night remember) Then I glance at the carpet and see a finger nail clipping right in the middle of the room. Now that I'm paying attention to the carpet, it looks unswept, in need of a good shampoo. Filthy is too strong of a word but still this is not what I expected from a hotel with prices like this.


China is usually so impressive. 


Thanks for letting me ramble. I'll probably do nothing about it. I'm tired from the trip and don't want the hassle.