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Hello all!

First post by a complain, unfortunately. After being SPG Platinium and having enjoyed the luxury worlwide, I have a bad time since 3 years ago at least.

No more work related travel, injury and redundancy. Since then, Marriott merged with SPG as you all know.

And after a rough year, I decided to take holidays with my wife and daughter.


Now I tried to book the only Marriott compatible hotel in Seychelles and I have the following concerns:

  1. The offer I found for the room is a click bait, or certainly feels like it. It shows from 197Euros per night for a deluxe room. I have to continue, open a new page, expand the rates and click on this:Book NowEUR 198per room / nightOk 1 more euro already.  That's when you start to make plan, consider that hotel, picture yourself enjoying visiting there and become a guest. Not yet!

Expending the "rates terms and details", you get: Estimated Total    EUR 249.96

So the real price is actually 26.88% more!


I don't want to blame the hotel, I'm just saying out of transparency if someone wants to verify: It's the Meridien Seychelles.


2. During the search, I got lost in 3 different official websites, one Marriott which seems to be "Marriott book holidays" some Marriott where I can reserve the hotel, and some SPG reserve the hotel again. I understand the merging and all that. When it gets annoying is when there's differences in the website. I tried to reserve that hotel for 8 nights during 2-10 december, and I saw an offer which was showing 1 free night. I was budgetting the whole thing, discussed with the wife, and when I tried again I forgot which site I used. Tried to look again, hardly an hour later, and never found that particular offer.

At the same time, when the deal was still open, I am sure that it was not showing in the SPG page, as it was not the same layout and not showing that same offer.

It's quite confusing and feels like one is not going to get the same on each SPG/Marriott websites.

I am or I used to be an IT Engineer, so using search engines or websites is natural to me.



So here we are, I'm sure that price is already an excellent offer, and while I could have streched the budget to 198 euros, going way more to 249.96 euros per night is far beyond. That's life and it's fair that I can not afford it. Nonetheless what is incorrect is that it shows a price significantly lower, and it's only in the tiny hidden rates details that the price jumps by 26.88%! Which is why it feels like clickbait. And it's certainly disappointed after I negotiated the displayed price with the wife.

Now the whole stay for 8 nights would cost 423.68 euros more.


Maybe things have changes and its standard practice, I do remember for my numerous stays worlwide in SPG, that the displayed price was the displayed price.


Anyone encountered the same?

Am I over reacting because I am disappointed or that type of attitude is innapropriate from Marriot/SPG?