Marriott Rewards Card Inadequate Fraud Management

Discussion created by pat_rick on Nov 12, 2018
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Had the final conversation of many with Marriott Fraud Department today over the total inadequacy of their fraud management on the Visa Rewards Credit Card. After reportedly "canceling" the card due to a fraud event in mid-August 2018, and issuing me a totally new card, Marriott credit card proceeds to allow new charges to incur on the canceled card for 15 new charges, totaling over $500, through November 2018. The charges are ported over monthly to my new card invoice, with no notation that they were actually incurred on the closed card.

Following numerous calls to the fraud department and supervisors they tell me that this is a "normal" part of their system because I "have" a history of charging to the vendor (Starbucks). I told them it was totally ridiculous to allow continuous charging to a closed card and to stop, but they said they cannot control it and I should call Starbucks and tell them to reject the charges. My call to Starbucks fraud department said that this is an absurd policy, and they expect any closed card to have new charges rejected, and they have no way to reject the charges on a per credit card basis.

Marriott's approach and management of this issue is totally absurd, and needs to be addressed by management on an expedited basis.