Courtyard Elyria (Ohio): New Property (still ... Not Ready for Prime Time)

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Sorry to post this - and I'll try to even out the bad with the good - but my spouse said it wouldn't be right to say nothing, so, here goes:


  • Brand spankin' new property - open about a month - we've anxiously been anticipating this property opening because it's very convenient for us as potential repeat customers (and we've stayed at a number of nearby properties (closer to the Cleveland airport) in the past).
    • exterior and interior - looks like a brand new Courtyard - and it all looks good - lobby, cafe, rooms, etc - with some new/interesting touches I hadn't previously seen at Courtyard - in particular, plentiful (and well placed) outlets and storage (which is nice).  The open shower is highly European, but not configured to keep all of the water in the shower (but, hey, I've seen much worse in Europe).  One mini-peeve, particularly for a new property - no in-room recycling (no divided trash can), but that's an easy fix.

  • How do I say this?  They're either not yet ready or not yet staffed to meet the brand standard.

    • Two night stay:  today, we left the room before 11:00 am and returned after 9:30 pm - the room had not been serviced (at all).  I call the front desk and say that our room wasn't cleaned today, and the front desk staff responds: "OK."  (Caught off guard, I pause ... and wait ...)  So I say (in a deadpan voice), "you are aware that this is rather unusual, right?" And the staffer cheerfully responds: "Oh, yes, we've had a number of complaints today."  So I say, "but you've made a note of this, right."  And the staffer says "yes," so I say good night.  [No offer of fresh towels or ... well ... anything...]  Whoa....

      • I should have seen it coming when we arrived back at the hotel and the front door trash can was overflowing.  So, on the way in, I stopped at the front desk and said, "if no one else has mentioned it, your trash can is overflowing."  The response I got was "OK."

      • Disappointing post script on this ... Now that a week has passed, I can confirm no follow-up from the property.  I'm guessing most Marriott Insidershave had similar experiences to me in that, normally, when there's a systematic melt-down at a property [again, the front desk conceded that multiple guests complained that their rooms weren't serviced ... at all], you at least receive an apologetic email from the manager afterwards ... sometimes a refund (which I normally refuse), an offer of a free (or discounted) night in the future (a nice gesture) ... or even some bonus points (which is better than nothing) ... but, this time, ... just radio silence... 

    • Morning breakfast at the cafe (day 1, we didn't bother on day 2) - very short line - the place is 90 percent empty.  The only guy in front of us has (seriously) lost his temper because, apparently, he's been waiting too long for his coffee.  He's smokin' hot, and, at the time, we thought he was being poorly behaved.  (Alas, I'm now much more sympathetic.)  So we order two hot entrees and two coffees.  We sit down and wait ... for 20 minutes. (Fortunately, we were not in a hurry.) Our entrees arrive. My wife mentions that her entree was supposed to come with fruit.  The server agrees ... but the fruit never materializes. We ask about the coffees. The (polite) staffer apologizes and returns with them (after a reasonable wait).  The coffees are the wrong size (but we say it's OK at that point - not worth arguing over a buck or two - see below).  My spouse goes in search of cream for her coffee - alas, no cream, no half-and-half.  (I'm glad I drink my coffee black.)

    • Working backwards - at check in - I asked for a (platinum) breakfast/food coupon - it's only $10, but I'd still like to have the $10 - the front desk staffer says "most people don't ask for them."  And I (gently) point out that, well, I just asked for one.  She looks for one (briefly), but doesn't find any.  We have things to do, so I give up.  It's only $10, but it's irritating. Nice enough room, but no upgrade (which always seems strange when the property is empty - although, in fairness, it appeared the hotel had a much higher occupancy rate the second night we were there).

  • Last additional observation - a strange location/spot in terms of access
    • The property is seemingly in the middle of nowhere but adjacent to the highway (a stone's throw from the toll booth) and behind a massive, partially vacant shopping/strip mall (offering a strong, somewhat eerie ghost-town vibe).  There is a potential entrance from just past the toll booth, but it's blocked.  From there, you have to drive - basically in a circle - around and through the mall - for the better part of a mile to get there. The GPS didn't understand the street/mall parking lot, so I had to turn it off.  Over the course of the weekend, I tried approaching the property from four different directions - it's an extraordinarily long and circuitous route no matter how you cut it.  If you had a 4-wheel drive, and you were willing to cut across a small traffic median, you could shave minutes off your ingress/egress.  We found it all remarkably strange.

Because it's (relatively) convenient, I expect we'll give in another try in the future.  We hope they have some of the kinks worked out by then.

  • Second chance, and ... alas, still not ready for prime time.  So... 3 months later ... trying again.  Late in the afternoon, and it's looking quiet over in the Bistro ... but the front desk suggests patience ... and ... then ... later ... concedes that the Bistro will not be in open for the evening (no dinner, no drinks, no ... nothing) because someone didn't show up that evening.  Oh, my....