Lounge Review Crystal Gateway Marriott Arlington VA

Discussion created by ukgirl on Nov 10, 2018
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Ok not sure why my last post about this hotel was deleted but I liked the M lounge so much I am willing to write again..

The lounge is open 24/7. It offers tea/coffee/sodas and fresh H2O although not bottled anymore (I don't blame them its cheaper more enviro friendly). There is always chips or the jars of trail mix or Gummy bears available with little white paper bags to carry them in.  Breakfast (my fav!) has the chef making omelettes/eggs/waffles. There is a line of hot dishes, oatmeal, biscuits and gravy, sausages, potatoes, beans, mushrooms etc. there is also cereals, breads, lots of fruit, salmon, cream cheese, whipped cream for waffles and hot syrup.  If you ask the staff they will go make you a cappuccino; and there is juice.  In the afternoon they serve up French bread, prosciutto/cheeses, and other hot items. These things vary by day, I also had hot smoked salmon and vegetables, and desserts.  This M lounge is great as far as I am concerned, and I am a very critical and vocal individual when it comes to something I don't like!  I don't usually rave about locations so when I do take note!  I will write a separate review about this hotel but will mention here that they went above and beyond changing my room without hesitation and even purchasing me a suitcase during my last stay. They really do seem to appreciate platinum members.