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Anyone else not getting elite nights for 3K spending on old Chase card recently?

Question asked by catsfan on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by micruiser2002

We have been Reward members for over 30 years.  Now on the quest to earn Lifetime Platinum Premier by 12/31.  Fairly new to Insiders and unfortunately got a late start.  In Sept. started with 713 lifetime nights and 1,888,936 points.  Thanks to many of you, we were able to develop what seemed like a feasible strategy.  Opened SPG Amex Business card and got 100K bonus points.  Held meeting for 10 nights.  Found Category 1 hotel within few hours driving distance and earned 10 nights for only 60K points.  Had one trip already planned and added one more to get us within 3 nights.  Tracked our prior credit card spending to determine timing of additional elite nights.  End was in sight!


Then, in Oct. and Nov. Chase stops transferring our elite nights.  Still have old card, so shouldn't be any issues there.  Received 3 elite nights in early Sept. from 9/5 statement. Everything correct at that point. Spent $3242 on 10/5 statement.  Points transferred, but no elite night. Spoke with Marriott and told elite night must come from Chase and they didn't send it.  Spoke with Chase and they said unsure why it didn't transfer.  They'd open case, report it to their marketing group and we'd hear back.  Few days ago received letter from marketing group saying they investigated issue and found that we received 3 nights in Sept.!  Duh, we had already established that.  They never addressed issue with earned Oct. elite night.


Now on 11/5 statement we spend $6081. Points transfer, but no elite nights.  Call Chase again and eventually get transferred to supervisor.  Given every excuse in the book, but none that makes sense.  Initially it was because the extra points don't carry over to the next month.  Next it was because we hadn't actually earned the 3K in one month.  Obviously, we had since we were over 3K in Oct. and 6K in Nov.  Then told that it can take 6-8 weeks for Chase to transfer the nights.  We can match up our nights earned all year and they always showed up within a few weeks of the points posting, and usually was only a few days later.  Chase supervisor's only suggestion was that she'll file another case and send it to marketing.  So we wait another month for a letter that may not even address our concerns again.  Meanwhile the clock keeps ticking.

We need these 3 nights that we've clearly earned to reach LTPP.  We've gone to extreme measures to get this far.  Had other instances where we thought we should have earned nights, but didn't.  Had to fight tooth and nail for some that we did get.  Like so many others we've spent countless hours dealing with poorly trained and unmotivated Marriott customer service personnel who won't even read Marriott's T&C, yet alone adhere to them.  Sometimes wondering if this quest for LTPP was worth the headache given the current state of the company and disregard for its long term customers.  But one way or another, we'll get there now.

So...  has anyone else experienced similar problems with Chase transferring elite nights from spending recently?  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this resolved in a timely fashion?  Sorry for the long post, but would really appreciate your help!