Is Marriott Reward Program Being Dishonest?

Discussion created by jc5168 on Nov 9, 2018
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I have been trying hard to get to lifetime platinum by achieving lifetime gold by the end of 2018.  I currently have 477 nights and needing 500 to reach my goal.  I increased my activities in an attempt to achieve that goal.  There are several incidents that I feel Marriott is trying to be dishonest.
First, I traveled with my mother and my mother-in-law and we stayed at the same property on the same nights with 2 rooms on 4/5/2017 and 4/6/2017, I only get credit for each night.  I followed up with a call but was told it was in the T&C.  However,  I am not sure if this policy was changed or clarified AFTER I sent in this inquiry. 
Second, I scheduled multiple events but was only rewarded with one 10-elite night credit.  I got on the phone again but was told I only get 10 elite nights with the "first" event in "each" calendar year.  However, I did not remember seeing such language previously.  Luckily, because of the first experience, I had the suspicion that Marriott is changing T&C along the way to tighten up their policy even if it is a gap.  I saved the T&C when I made the call.  Sure enough, after they responded to me, today's T&C added the wording of "per calendar year".
This is what's stated on 11/9/2018:
This is what I save on 11/6/2018:
Third, I wanted to verify all my earnings to see if I could a missing night or two to get myself closer to my goal.  I can only pull my history for the past 24 months online so I called on 9/4/2018 at 9:05 am Pacific Time and spent one hour and 41 minutes with Aissatou.  She said she does not have access to the report but she will submit a request for me and it will be mailed to my house in a few days.I waited until 9/13/2018 and called back again at 3:50 pm.  Jeri on the phone told me there is no such report and there is no request that can be made. 
Can anyone help me understand why Marriott would  change T&C on the fly to only benefit Marriott without considering their Members?  Why would Marriott customer service lie in the face of their Members?  Lastly, can anyone from Marriott give me a complete report of my earnings so there is no disputes?
It is not the Marriott we knew and it is not the spirit we came to in the first place.  Can someone from Marriott contact me to explain all these situations and restore my trust with this brand going forward?
Thank you.