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Canada Summer 2019 suggestions?

Question asked by pamelamaesnap on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by pamelamaesnap

With a big immediate family wedding coming up 3000 miles away in September 2019 and then an east coast post-wedding celebration in our backyard two weeks later, we thought we were going to have to forego our actual annual "vacation" this year ... 

However, we've decided to do a Canada trip in late summer (probably August, possibly very early September) ... hubby has never been to Toronto (I have a few times), NEITHER of us have been to Quebec City and it's on both of our bucket lists, and Montreal is pretty much my favorite city plus discovered it has some family history (my grandfather actually emigrated there, not Ellis Island). I'd like to visit once more before we retire to the west coast (2020) and don't have as many options.


So, basically, the plan is fly to Toronto for 2-3 days, drive to Quebec for 2-3 days and drive to Montreal for last 2-3 days and fly home from there (we can get affordable non-stops to Toronto and from Montreal). 


We definitely want to do ALL Marriott-connected properties ... since usually when we travel we go the SpringHillSuites/Residence Inn route where there is no point in using my 5 Suite Night Rewards, we'd like to try some of the hotels where we might be able to do those upgrades on this trip. 


Would LOVE anyone's recommendations on nice, clean, options in any/all of these cities ... We pretty much plan on actually paying for the rooms (saving all our accumulated points/nights for either a Caribbean vacation in 2020 or Hawaiian in 2021!!!) so price is an issue but more along the lines of not staying at the Ritz. 


As a caveat to that last not-set-in-stone rule, I'll add that when I used to go to Montreal with my grandparents as a kid we'd stay at Chateau Champlain which I ADORED and I see it's now a Marriott so I may try to stay there for sentiments' sake if it's do-able.


But Toronto and especially Quebec, would love suggestions!!! (And feel free to throw in restaurants, etc., as well if that's allowed!!!)


Thank you so much in advance for any ideas to get this party started!